Graduate Programmes

Undergraduate education
2016-12-12 look through:

The College of Plant Protection currently has two undergraduate majors in Plant Protection and Ecology, with 601 undergraduate students. The Plant Protection major has achieved recognition in a number of ways. The programme ‘Study and practice for plant protection activists with solid background and high quality” was awarded the first prize for “The national outstanding teaching achievements”. Three courses were recognized as ‘National Quality Curriculum’.  College staff have served Editors-in-Chief for eight major text books designed for the Ministry of Education, including ‘General Pathology’, ‘Agricultural Pathology’, ‘Agricultural Entomology’, ‘Plant Quarantine’, and ‘Pesticide Production and Management’, which between them cover all the core courses for Plant Protection. Among these text books, ‘General Pathology(4th edition)’ and ‘Agricultural Entomology (2nd edition)’ were recognized as ‘Excellent Text Books’ both by the province and the state in 2011. In addition, the College’s “Plant Protection Teaching Team” had the great honor to be listed in the “National level teaching groups” by the Ministry of Education in 2008.