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2018-01-18 look through:

The Plant Protection Discipline in Nanjing Agricultural University was recognized as one of National Class I Key Disciplines in 2007. In 2011, She was selected successfully as “985” Project Innovation Platform of China and approved as “Advantageous Discipline Construction Program in Universities in Jiangsu Province”. The College has gained recognition as one of the cradles of scientific research, technological development and innovative talents in plant protection. The research teams have gained Excellent Scientific and Technological Innovation Award in Jiangsu Province for twice. The college hosts two Ministry Key Laboratories and one National Joint Engineering Research Center. The teaching and research space is over 9000 m2 with top-ranking instruments and equipment (> ¥ 50 million).


Plant Protection(National Class I Key Discipline)

     ◆ Plant Pathology 
              ● Lab of Oomycete & Fungal Molecular Biology
              ● Plant Defense Signaling Laboratory
              ● Lab of Plant & Microbe Interactions Molecular Biology
              ● Lab of Plant-Phytophthora Interactions
              ● Lab of Plant Virology
              ● Lab of Plant Quarantine & Applied Immunology
              ● Lab of Biopesticides & Green Protection
              ● Lab of Biocontrol & Bacterial Molecular Biology
              ● Lab of Plant Nematology
              ● Lab of Blight Genomics


     ◆ Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control
              ◎ Lab of Insect Physiology & Molecular Biology
              ◎ Lab of Insect Molecular Toxicology
              ◎ Lab of Insect Informatic Ecology
              ◎ Lab of Insect Molecular Ecology and Evolution
              ◎ Biological Control Laboratory
              ◎ Lab of Insect Taxonomy & Aquatic Insects


     ◆ Pesticides
              ☉ Laboratory of Fungicide Biology
              ☉ Lab of Insecticide Toxicology and Resistance
              ☉ Lab of Insecticide Pharmacology and Neurotoxicology
              ☉ Lab of Herbicide Toxicology and Resistance
              ☉ Lab of Pesticide Residues and Environmental Toxicology
              ☉ Lab of Natural Products and Pesticide Chemistry